11th Shanghai Biennale, November 2016

 Video about the architecture research project of Cédric Van Parys . Shown as part of the exhibition.   

The research elaborates the necessity and implementation of Shanghai’s spatial restructuring as a result of its breakneck progress since the late 1980s and 1990s. And subsequently, how that progress resulted into an immense amount of unwitnessed nondescript monuments on top of Shanghai’s skyscrapers. The obtained information will be transformed into a series of associated prototypes (physical models) and maps (re)presenting not only a different and aesthetic perspective on Shanghai’s progress of the last decades, but it will also propose a strategy to use monuments as a tool to encourage progress. All of this without losing its original purpose to (re)interpret the memory and identity of a diverse (local) community. Check the blog for more info about the project. 

The video had its premiere on November 27th on the rooftop of the China Construction Bank in the center of Shanghai,  as part of the 11th Shanghai Biennale. The research project of Cédric Van Parys is currently on display at the 57th Venice Biennale.  

NEMETON Experimental Projection

This is an experimental projection we made using the footage of the music video we did for Brain Rain. It was projected during the exhibition at Cinema Galeries, Brussels, for the launching of our collective NEMETON.
Images : Nemeton //
Sound : NASA Voyager Recordings - Symphonies Of The Planets 3 (1992)