A short documentary film, shot in Shanghai ( 19 min)  // Out in collaboration with Chase. Check out the interview here
Written, directed & edited by Romain Vennekens
with Theo Paul Santana, Cédric Van Parys & Benjamin van der Maas
Sound mixing - Thomas Noël
Color grading - Virgil Leclercq


blanc moussis.gif
blanc moussis2.gif

a 5min short film about the mysterious "Blanc Moussi".
>>> The Blanc Moussis are the celebrated characters of the "Laetare", a Belgian folklore including white capes, red noses, pork bladders & hanging herrings. ON POST PRODUCTION // out : end of 2017

16 min experimental documentary
Produced by Mediadiffusion
Written & directed by Romain Vennekens
Cinematography by Clémence Warnier
Sound by Antoine Gilbert
Editing by Antoine Ducarn
Sound editing & mixing by Christophe Bouserez
June 2014

12 min 35mm film
Directed by Romain Vennekens
Cinematography by Clémence Warnier
with Maureen Merchiers, Marouan Iddoub
June 2012